Camellia sinensis Tea Flowers

Flowering Tea Plants tend to bloom late summer to early fall and and slightly fragrant.  They do attract bees so “bee-ware”.   Camellia sinensis Tea Plants are evergreen plants that can fit nicely into any landscape.  The are the ultimate landscape shrub whether you make tea or not!

Tea Plants can grow in climate zones 7, 8 and 9 with little or no problems.  In colder zones, tea can be grown all year in containers, outdoors in warmer, non freezing weather during spring, summer and early fall but indoors during winter.     Since their growing and harvesting season is Spring, Summer and Fall, and their dormant season is winter, this makes them the ideal plant for almost any location.



Fall Flowering Tea Plants

Debbie Odom

I have the best job in the world...I get to walk out of my back door and across the yard to a greenhouse and nursery full of Camellias and do what I love every day.  Sometimes, when it's very hot or very cold or when problems arise I do question my career path, but I always come back to the same place....I'm where I'm supposed to be!