Camellia Sinensis

pine straw mulch pinebark 2 pinke bark mulch Mulching your Camellia sinensis tea plants can provide a wealth of benefits such as

  • Temperature and moisture regulation to protect roots
  • Weed preventative
  • Provide nutrients as mulch breaks down

Even in growing in containers, providing a mulch to the top of your containers can make happy plants.  We add bark chips to the top of every container we grow.  This helps keep the plants cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It also slows down evaporation in the summer so we don’t have to water as much.  It also acts as a weed deterrent so chemical weed control is minimal if at all.

Appropriate mulches should be 3-5″ thick, organic and replenished as needed.  Pinestraw, Bark,  and leaves all make ideal mulch protection for you camellia sinensis.   Rubber mulch, and rock mulch do not provide any nutritional benefits at all, but they can help with weeds and moisture loss.




Benefits of Mulch

Debbie Odom

I have the best job in the world...I get to walk out of my back door and across the yard to a greenhouse and nursery full of Camellias and do what I love every day.  Sometimes, when it's very hot or very cold or when problems arise I do question my career path, but I always come back to the same place....I'm where I'm supposed to be!