We have grown Camellias from seeds for years with this method with great success.  This can be used to germinate ornamental flowering Camellias as well as Camellia sinensis Tea Plants.  Seeds can be harvested in late summer to early fall.  To test to see if they are ready, gently remove the husk from a tea seed. If they are hard and brown or black, they are ready to harvest. To learn more about growing your own tea, visit www.tsubakitea.com


Growing Tea From Seeds

Debbie Odom

I have the best job in the world...I get to walk out of my back door and across the yard to a greenhouse and nursery full of Camellias and do what I love every day.  Sometimes, when it's very hot or very cold or when problems arise I do question my career path, but I always come back to the same place....I'm where I'm supposed to be!